Helped create new logo; created overall look and a range of promotional materials for the annual fashion event eight times since 1998. Design projects include posters, signage, invitations, tickets, and advertising in a wide range of publications. Coordinated with wide range of vendors for printing and production. see sample

Collaborated on public relations projects and event promotion, including creating logos, advertising and promotional material design, and invitations as well as designing and expanding on existing styles and looks. We have worked together on many clients including non profits like Utley All-Star Animals and the Hamels Foundation, unique events like Girls Night Out and an industry lounge at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, as well as rebranding (see Land Services below.)

Created logo used by the city to promote the Philadelphia X Games. The logo was chosen from over 60 submissions by agencies and designers around the city. It was also recreated in Legos at the Franklin Institute, earning recognition as a Guinness World Record for largest Lego logo. I was invited to be one of seven people to put in the final pieces, alongside Guinness Record holder Ron Jaworski. see sample

Updated logo and implemented into a marketing package including business cards, mailers, pads and a presentation folder with tabbed information sheets. see sample